Tajima Embroidery Machine Electronics Repair


Tajima Embroidery Machine Electronics Repair

Repair of Tajima Electronics, Tajima Circuit Boards, and Tajima Control Panels

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Tajima Repair Services

We can repair and refurbish your Tajima circuit boards and electronics – from the simpler parts replacement all the way to highly difficult repairs at the component level.

Electronics and boards that other places simply mark as “UNREPAIRABLE,” we can quite often repair. AND WE MENTION THIS because we frequently receive boards and other parts that have been “worked on” by other places. The damage that is typically done by such places can be quite extensive. Often the damage may not be visible but is still there. Please do not trust your valuable equipment to a place that is not experienced in Tajima embroidery machine electronics repair.

We offer a circuit board repair estimate. Please click here to learn more.

You may have noticed that repairing embroidery machines can be difficult and time-consuming.

  • For example, is the part you need readily available… and where can you get it?
  • Is the repair price unreasonable?
  • Is this circuit board even available from official sources or are you “on your own?”
  • Has support for your well-functioning machine stopped?
  • Does it seem like you are being forced into upgrading to a new machine?
  • Will a local repair guy put your board at risk for further damage, and worse yet, make the wrong repair?
  • Will your repair place be able to find the right overseas parts? If they substitute components will they work and for how long? Are they even still in spec?

We recommend you put your mind at ease and go with the Tajima circuit board experts.

PLR Electronics can get the job done!We at PLR Electronics have repaired and refurbished thousands of Tajima circuit boards, here at our Dallas/Fort Worth location, with our own personnel and own highly specialized equipment. The boards go nowhere else – we don’t ship them overseas or to some other repair place. Your valuable electronics get diagnosed here and repaired here, with our stock of domestic and overseas electronic component parts. And then we test them here in actual Tajima embroidery machines!

Again, you get your original circuit board worked on, restored to working condition, and mailed back to you! (as long as the amount of holes blown on the board are limited.)

Call us today, at (817)-223-3016, Monday through Friday, 10AM-5PM Central time. We are in the process of upgrading our phones, so our sister company, The Embroidery Warehouse, will pick up the system in the off hours. Leave a message and we’ll get back at you!

Or, email us at sales @ plr electronics.com, for either email communications or a call-back (leave your number in this case). If you are in the local DFW area, you could even drop the whole machine off (for those smaller machines).

Tajima Circuit Board Repair

Some of our more common Tajima board repairs:

Tajima TMFX Control Panel Repair, TMEX Repair

Tajima USB Upgrade

Please also look at our Floppy to USB upgrade on the front page of PLR Electronics.com to upgrade your TMFX disk drive or TMEX disk drive up to a USB drive! We can offer either the 26-pin or 34-pin versions, please count the number of pins on your floppy drive and let us know when you order.

It’s ready for you! We have sold dozens of these units for the TMFX and TMEX in the past few months alone; some customers upgrade because their floppy drive was broken, and some because they couldn’t stand finding and taping old floppy disks anymore!

If you’re still running from a floppy disk drive, upgrade your Tajima to a USB flash drive, today! With the Tajima TMFX USB Upgrade!

Tajima TMFX Main Power Board Repair, Tajima S-Card, Tajima XY-Card Repair

Tajima TMFX Card Identification

Tajima TMFX Card Location
These four cards are inside the large power box underneath a TMFX, or inside the earliest version TMEX (the TMEX1 only).

Tajima TMFX Card problems

If you have any card problem symptoms, please contact us; we do recommend sending all four boards still intact inside of its heat-sink shell; damage to one card can cause damage to other cards. Also check the lights underneath your machine on the power board; they will be orange briefly on powerup, and then green once they get a good signal from the control panel.

Tajima TME-DC Repair

Tajima IMM Repair, Tajima IMM1 Repair, Tajima IMM2 Repair

Tajima USB Upgrade

The USB Floppy upgrade for Tajima machines applies to the TME-DC model as well, both the green and white control panels, and we’ve sold many of them successfully. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are upgrading your floppy drive because it has stopped working, it is possible that there is a circuit board problem involved (and not just a simple floppy drive failure). In that case, you will need fix the underlying problem before the floppy drive emulator can function (and yes, we can help with that).

If you have a Tajima TME-DC machine in need of a USB upgrade, contact us today!

Other Tajima Repairs

We’ve repaired circuitry on some other Tajima models as well, such as the TME-C series, the TMEF-600 series, the TMM series, the TME-HC series (a little similar to the DC) and more.

If you are experiencing problems with your older Tajima model, then we may be able to help.

Tajima Tape Reader TFD TFD-II to USB Upgrade

This USB upgrade is for older machines without a floppy disk drive; these units only have a standard Tajima tape port.

We have sold thousands of these devices which makes this a very popular Tajima upgrade.

Please click on this link if you are interested in buying this product.


We really do want to help you keep your old machine running, and we will do as much as we can. Email us questions, concerns; keep in touch!

PLR Electronics Tajima Repair Service


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