Floppy to USB

Floppy To USB – Upgrade your Floppy to a USB reader!


The Floppy to USB device is a device used to eliminate floppy disk and floppy drives. The Floppy to USB device will replace your current floppy drive with a USB ready that emulates a Floppy Disk Drive.

The Floppy to USB device is easy to install and does not require any drives or software.  

Does our drive work on your machine?  Check our Compatibility Chart or Contact US.


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Floppy to Usb

Floppy To USB

Floppy To USB Compatibility Chart

Floppy To USB Compatibility Chart The following list of drives are KNOWN working drives with our Floppy to USB Upgrade. Machine Type PLR CODE ABB Equipment USB-A001 Accu-press 7608 Press Brake USB-A001 Accurpress ETS3000 Brake Press USB-A001 Acramatic 2100 USB-A001 Acu-rite Mill USB-A001 Addison DB76 USB-AYYY Advantest 8381A USB-A001 Aeroflex 2399B Spectrum Analyzer USB-EYYY Aeroflex […]

SWF – Floppy to USB – Embroidery Machine Upgrade

Convert your SWF floppy drive to a USB reader.   This floppy emulator will help you eliminate floppy disks!  This USB device will easily replace your existing SWF floppy drive with a heavy duty, high quality, warranty backed USB drive replacement.  NO software or drives to install! Fit ins your SWF machine without changing any hardware or fittings.  […]

Floppy to Usb-BROTHER-Embroidery Machine Upgrade

Convert your BROTHER floppy drive to a USB reader!  This floppy emulator will help you eliminate floppy disks! BUY NOW Combine it with our WIRELESS USB STICKS for BROTHER machines. The following codes are used when ordering your USB upgrade. Brother 3100D USB-EXXX Brother AF-110 USB-D005 Brother BAS 311A USB-D002 Brother BAS 311E USB-A001 Brother BAS 311F USB-A001 Brother […]

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Technical support

Technical Support

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A TECHNICAL SUPPORT TICKETUse the same support link for shipping issues, etc. Technical support PLR Electronics Technical Support Page Floppy To USB Support USB to WiFi Embroidery Black Box Commercial Embroidery Machine Electronics Online Forms Floppy to USB Support Floppy to USB Main Technical Support Page The Floppy to USB device […]