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USB Floppy Chart

USB Floppy Chart


This chart lists the popular models of the Floppy to USB emulator device available from PLR Electronics. See the technical page for the most updated info.


MODEL Replaces Description
1-A Replaces Tajima floppy drives OBSOLETE: Please use 1-SW instead.
1-B Replaces drives NEC FD1137C For Barudan BEMS, Barudan BEMR, older machines with floppy drives. Replaces the NEC FD1137C. Can support both the DOS format and the barudan FDR format. Similar to 1-SW.
1-IBM Replaces drives SONY MPF920 For ordinary computer PCs, HAAS machines, SWF and Melco embroidery machines, other control panels that use a twisted cable type of floppy connector, or based on a PC using the FAT file format.
1-SW Replaces drives TEAC FD-235, Panasonic, Mitsumi, Sony MPF420, Epson, Citizen, etc. Workhorse USB drive that can replace just about any drive on any host machine, so long as its FAT12 based with no other special requirements. Can emulate the 1-IBM drive behavior as well, but not 100%. Planned obsolete by the 2-SY.
1-F Replaces same drives as the 1-SW Variant of the 1-SW, which shows floppy data at all times, even if its blank formatted data when no stick is inserted. The 1-SW in contrast will show no signal at all until the USB stick is inserted. Some machines need this behavior.
1-G Replaces same drives as the 1-SW Planned obsolete, use the 2-SY; Image type of drive. Use for ZSK design computers only, or when a dos system will never be used.
2-SY Replaces same drives as the 1-SW Variant of the 1-SW, which allows non-dos file formats to be used as well. Requirement is they must use a standard 640kb, 720kb, 800kb, 1280kb, or 1.44mb size. Does keep the FAT12-to-FAT16 translation program for 720kb and 1.44mb mode for dos file convenience, but loses the 1.2mb dos mode from the SW-family.
2-IBM Replaces same drives as the 1-IBM Variant of the 1-IBM which activates the serial communications port in the front, that allows (with an additional adapter unit) one Windows computer running a program to control many of the USB units at once, in a daisy chain. Write-only, reading is limited to file list only.
3-IBM Replaces the TEAC FD-05 A slim type of floppy replacement, intended to replace the laptop sized floppy drives with the 26 pin flat flexible printed cable.
3-B Replaces the TEAC FD-05 A slim type of floppy replacement for the Barudan BENS type of machine. Supports barudan type of files as well as standard.
3-OSC Replaces the TEAC FD-04 Variant of the slim 3-IBM, intended to be placed in Agilent and Tektronix oscilloscopes.
4 Replaces the NEC FD1138 A replacement for normal sized drives with 26 pins using the standard ribbon cable. Intended to replace the floppy drive in the Tajima TMFX.
7 Replaces the NEC FD1137D Intended for use in drives that run at 360rpm in normal use, like in the NEC 9801 computers. Supports a few of the japanese formats in image file mode, as well as standard dos format.

This picture is of a typical USB Floppy unit, that is identical in shape and size and mounting holes to your original floppy disk drive.

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