Tajima Electronics Repair


Tajima Electronics Repair

Repair of Tajima Electronics, Tajima Circuit Boards, and Tajima Control Panels

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Repair Service

We at PLR Electronics will repair and refurbish your damaged Tajima circuit boards, down to the component level.

Why repair? Surely you can buy replacement circuit boards as easily as you do hoops?

Answer: They don’t want you to replace the electronics!

  • Try to find one available… where can you get it?
  • You can purchase new from the distributor… for an unreasonable price. How many thousands of dollars? Three grand seems to be a popular value. What? Compared to the current price of a used machine?
  • Is this circuit board even available from official sources? Do they tell you, “tough luck, buddy”?
  • Has Tajima completely abandoned support of this product long ago? “Call Japan and complain.”
  • Do they tell you to junk or trade-in your “worthless old machine” because they can sell you a real new money-maker for $50,000-$100,000?
  • Can you can ask your local mechanical guy if he or a buddy has an extra board just lying around? Sure… but loose boards “lying around” tend to have been pulled because they had problems in the first place. Or do you think your mechanic tends to buy and hoard brand new working boards?
  • Can you try to fix the problem yourself? Sure as well, but replacing random capactitors rarely does anything useful. And puts the board at risk for further damage, and worse yet you may be repairing the wrong board altogether… increasing the cost later.
  • Many parts are from overseas, and expensive (both in time and money) to get. Will you ask the local TV repair place to find these parts, on an unfamiliar board? Will you pay this price and still don’t even know if the incoming parts will do anything? (Or if the parts even work; new-old stock means they’ve been sitting around for ten years after they’ve been made. Are they still in spec?

What a big hassle! Forget it!

Choose PLR Electronics… We can get it done!We at PLR Electronics have repaired and refurbished hundreds of Tajima circuit boards, here at our Dallas-Ft.Worth location, with our own personnel and own equipment. The boards go nowhere else, they don’t go overseas or some other repair place… they get diagnosed here, repaired here, with our stock of domestic and overseas electronic component parts, and are tested here in actual Tajima embroidery machines!

Again, you get your original circuit board worked on, restored to working condition, and mailed back to you! (As long as the amount of holes blown on the board are limited.)

Call us today, at (817)-223-3016, Monday through Thursday, 10AM-5PM Central time. We are in the process of upgrading our phones, so our sister company, The Embroidery Warehouse, will pick up the system in the off hours. Leave a message and we’ll get back at you!

Or, email us at sales @ plr electronics.com, for either email communications or a call-back (leave your number in this case). If you are in the local DFW area, you could even drop the whole machine off (for those smaller machines).

Tajima Circuit Board Repair

Our most popular board repairs:

Tajima TMFX Control Panel Repair, TMEX Repair

Tajima part number MX5101, with an incrementing numbering system for later versions.

This is a green or white control panel for the Tajima TMFX series of EMB machines. It consists of two boards inside of the chassis shell and a floppy disk drive, and perhaps a floppy drive adapter. The single-head version, the Tajima TMEX, will have an additional daughter card.

ERRORS include the Tajima Error code 3D6, blank or flickering LCD screen, general wackiness of characters on the display, some of the keys not working, Tajima floppy disk drive malfunction, mis-control of the color change motor, loss of control of the head cards.

If you suspect your TMFX or TMEX of electronic damage, then contact us today and we can help you.

Tajima USB Upgrade

Please also look at our Floppy to USB upgrade on the front page of PLR Electronics.com to upgrade your TMFX disk drive or TMEX disk drive up to a USB drive! We can offer either the 26-pin or 34-pin versions, please count the number of pins on your floppy drive and let us know when you order.

It’s ready for you! We have sold dozens of these units for the TMFX and TMEX in the past few months alone; some customers upgrade because their floppy drive was broken, and some because they couldn’t stand finding and taping old floppy disks anymore!

If you’re still running from a floppy disk drive, upgrade your Tajima to a USB flash drive, today! With the Tajima TMFX USB Upgrade!

Tajima TMFX Main Power Board Repair, Tajima S-Card, Tajima XY-Card Repair

Tajima TMFX Card Identification
Tajima part number for the main TMFX power supply card, marked X-POWER card; Sticker varies: CX5601, CX5601000000, CX560101, CX5601010000, CX560102, CX5601020000, CX560103, CX5601030000, CX560104, CX5601040000, etc. Also marked MP138, or MP138-1, MP138-1-A, etc. This card will have two very large black capacitors on it, along with three colored transformers, and two thick cables soldered directly to the board, and usually a green colored large socket.

Tajima part number for the TMFX main shaft, main motor driver card, marked X-DUB, referred to as the S-card; Sticker varies: CX5602, CX5602000000, CX560201, CX5602010000, CX560202, CX5602020000, CX560207, CX5602070000, etc. Also marked MP137, or MP137-1, or MP137-2, or MP137-1-A, etc. This card will resemble the XY boards, but will have a large colored socket, usually RED.

Tajima part number for the TMFX XY driver boards (quantity 2), marked X-DUA (in the spirit of their older DU-8, DU-10 driver series, DU-A would the TMFX version.) Sticker varies: CX5603, CX5603000000, CX5603010000, CX5603020000, CX5603030000, CX5603040000, etc. Also marked MP136, or MP136-1, or MP136-2. There is another version of the card labeled CX5607, CX5607000000, CX5607020000, etc, and it is marked MP136-3. Each card is usually tuned for power output for either the X or Y motor; the X-motors are usually run with a lot less power than the Y motor, and adjustments are not only the external dial switch for users, but settings and components on the circuit board itself.

NOTE: the XY cards for the TMFX2, TMFX-II type of machines use a different connector and circuit board design for their XY cards.

Tajima TMFX Card Location
These four cards are inside the large power box underneath a TMFX, or inside the earliest version TMEX (the TMEX1 only).

The X and Y cards are to the left (if standing in front of the machine), the main power supply card is to the right and the main motor card (S-card) is between the main card and the XY cards.

There will be green lights for the XY and S-cards if their logic chips are getting power, but it is not that good an indicator for proper behavior.

Tajima TMFX Card problems
ERRORS include the 211 and 311 errors, jerky movement on either X or Y, loss of registration on X or Y, the main shaft not spinning, general loss of power on the machine, head cards not responding, all solenoids not firing.

If you have any of these symptoms, please contact us; we do recommend sending all four boards still intact inside of its heat-sink shell; damage to one card can cause damage to other cards. Also check the lights underneath your machine on the power board; they will be orange briefly on powerup, and then green once they get a good signal from the control panel.

Be aware that there are ON-OFF switches on the front of the X-card, Y-card, and S-card, and a board turned off will stay orange at all times.

Tajima TME-DC Repair

Tajima IMM Repair, Tajima IMM1 Repair, Tajima IMM2 Repair

Tajima part number ED5601000000

There are two circuit boards responsible for most errors which are the Tajima IDM and Tajima IMM and IMM2 cards, in the control panel and in the lower back of the machine, respectively. There are several versions of these boards for the TME-DC Type 1 (Green) and Type 2/Type 3 (White control panel). Other errors on the Tajima TMFD/TME-DC type of machine are due to defective brake boxes (attached to the main motor of the machine) and the main motor itself in the type2 and type3.

The Tajima TME-DC embroidery machine also has a floppy drive unit which can become defective over the years, and the DU-10 type of XY control boards.

ERRORS include the d-1.xx, n-1.xx errors, where the control panel becomes frozen. Other errors include the color change function acting erraticly, the main motor unable to function, the brake box not being able to stop the shaft at the proper location (or hold it), the main motor not functioning at all due to a E-002 error on the newer type brake box, and the mentioned floppy drive problems.

The d-1.00 error, d-1.01 error, d-1.06 error, can be about any number between 1.00 and 1.14.

The DU-10 cards, which control the Tajima’s X and Y-axis, can also degrade and be damaged; if there is jerky movement or the lights on each card are orange or red, please let us know.

Send your Tajima IMM card or IDM board in for repair today!
Tajima USB Upgrade

The USB Floppy upgrade for Tajima machines applies to the TME-DC model as well, both the green and white control panels, and we’ve sold many of them successfully. They only failures have been due to the control panel circuit board itself being damaged, and needing repair before any floppy drive, USB or not, can function.

If you have a Tajima TME-DC machine in need of a USB upgrade, contact us today!

Other Tajima Repairs

We’ve repaired circuitry on some other Tajima models as well, such as the TME-C series, the TMEF-600 series, the TMM series, the TME-HC series (a little similar to the DC) and more.

If you are experiencing problems with your older Tajima model, then we may be able to help.

Tajima Tape Reader TFD TFD-II to USB Upgrade!

We also have a USB upgrade for those older machines without a floppy disk drive; they only have the standard Tajima tape port.

We have sold hundreds of these units, so there is no need for your TFD type of tape reader anymore; upgrade to USB now!

Please go to the USB Reader link on the front page of PLR Electronics to BUY NOW!


We really do want to help you keep your old machine running, and we will do as much as we can. Email us questions, concerns; keep in touch!

PLR Electronics Tajima Repair Service

sales @ plr electronics.com

(C) 2009-2018 PLR Electronics


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  1. I have the following error 311, but all the lights are green, the rush is intact, but the axis does not spin. What will it be?

  2. I have the following error 311, but all the lights are green, the belt is intact, but the shaft does not spin. What will it be?

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