Melco Floppy Upgrade to USB

Melco USB

Melco Floppy Upgrade to USB

Replace your floppy with a USB reader.

Upgrade your Melco embroidery machine Floppy to a USB drive

With the Floppy to USB upgrade, you can convert your Melco Floppy to a USB reader.

Most Melco embroidery machines have connectors for using floppy drives.  Check your machines motherboard for the connectors

Most all EMT Melco machines were equipped with a Floppy drive.  Those machines can be replaced with drive USB-A001 – purchased here.

Not all the EMC model Melcos came with floppy.  See the image above.  It shows the Floppy Connector on a EMC machine.  If your machine has these connectors, you can purchase the drive USB-A001 from here. You will also need the 34 pin connector and power connector. Please contact a sales rep for the connectors.

Installation and Technical Details

For more information on installation and technical details, please see the WIKI entry on Melco USB.

We also sell a WIRELESS USB DATA Stick.  This stick works in conjunction with our USB Floppy Upgrade

Melco Floppy Connector
Melco Floppy Connector