Floppy to Usb

Floppy to Usb-BROTHER-Embroidery Machine Upgrade

Convert your BROTHER floppy drive to a USB reader!

 This floppy emulator will help you eliminate floppy disks!


Combine it with our WIRELESS USB STICKS for BROTHER machines.

The following codes are used when ordering your USB upgrade.

Brother 3100D USB-EXXX
Brother AF-110 USB-D005
Brother BAS 311A USB-D002
Brother BAS 311E USB-A001
Brother BAS 311F USB-A001
Brother BAS 412 USB-A023
Brother BAS 415, 416, 423 USB-A018
Brother BE-0901E-AC USB-EXXX
Brother BE-1201B-AC USB-A018
Brother BES-120 USB-EXXX
Brother BES-1210AC USB-A018
Brother BES-916AC USB-A001
Brother Pacesetter ULT2002D USB-EYYY
Brother PR600 USB-EXXX
Brother ULT 2002D USB-EXXX
Brother ULT2001