Convert your Tajima embroidery machine to a WIRELESS data reader!

 This Wireless / WIFI upgrade will allow your Tajima embroidery equipment to read data from a remote directory, wireless via your existing WiFi network!


The following equipment will work with our Wireless / USB to WIFI upgrade.  If you do not see your machine there, just ask!

Tajima Neo A360
Tajima TEHX or TFHX
Tajima TEJT‐II
Tajima TME‐DC
Tajima TMEF
Tajima TME‐HC
Tajima TME‐SC
Tajima TMEX (one cable on the back) 26 Pin
Tajima TMEX (two cables on the back) 34 Pin
Tajima TMFD
Tajima TMFX (one cable on the back) 26 Pin
Tajima TMFX (two cables on the bak) 34 Pin

We also sell Floppy Drive to USB reader upgrades for Tajima


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